Pierrot's Hair Studios

The more things change….!

How life can change in just a couple of weeks…

I have to say our team and our wonderful guests were all incredibly accommodating in the rescheduling of all appointments during the recent lockdown… I do hope you all got through it and are now looking forward to (eventually!) no masks!!!

Let us Reward you!

Ask about our loyalty cards exclusive to Pierrot’s. We’d love to reward you for your loyalty 🙂

  • Pierrot’s Blow-dry Loyalty Card
  • Pierrot’s Privelege Card
  • AVEDA Botanics Card

They provide great benefits and savings for our regular guests.

Aveda special offers for May

Hair Tips

Latest research from leading Trichologists:

  1. Scalp ages 12 times faster than the skin on your face.
  2. 70% of face lines come from scalp aging.
  3. Lines come from stress.
  4. Epidermis skin layer thins as we get older.

Head massage can be a great help, as it releases serotonin, which helps insomnia, anxiety & depression.

Massaging the occipital bone is important, as it is linked to muscles that connect to the frontal lobes.

Also, try our restorative skin & scalp treatments.

Happy Hair Time

Regards  Julie