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Special Giveaway & Tips

How quickly life can change in just a couple of weeks!!!

I have to say our team and our wonderful guests were all incredibly accommodating in the rescheduling of all appointments during the lockdown. I do hope you all got through it and are now enjoying not havimg to wear the dreaded masks!!!


MEET YOUR MATCH is our giveaway for this month:

Purchase 1 Feed My Lips Pure Nourishmint lipstick receive 1 of a different colour at no charge.

Aveda’s lip colours are vegan, plant-infused, cruelty free, and come with a mission of care and sustainability at heart. The colours last beautifully and you aren’t ingesting any poisons!!!

Loyalty Rewards

Don’t forget to pick up some of our exclusive loyalty cards next time you’re in the salon 🙂

  • Pierrot’s Blow-dry Loyalty Card
  • Pierrot’s Privelege Card
  • AVEDA Botanics Card

They provide great benefits and savings for our regular clients.

Hair tips

Last newsletter I discussed ‘summer hair’. I do hope this was helpful… and please remember those hair tips with another week of extremely hot days!

Scientific proof from leading trichologists indicate regular hair brushing with a good brush certainly helps with hair growth and general health of the hair and scalp.

Best to brush your scalp prior to shampooing this will stimulate blood flow to the hair, remove dead skin cells and invigorate oil glands.

It’s extra good to shampoo in the morning rather than after brushing, as your hair will stay cleaner longer.

It’s always great to share our news with you – thanks for reading 🙂

Kind regards