Pierrot's Hair Studios

Summer Fun!

Welcome to 2021!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and enjoyed an extra day off for Australia Day!

We closed on the Monday to give the team a long weekend so all are back and refreshed.

Part of the team’s Christmas present from David and myself was ‘Salty Sunday on The Raft’, which took place last Sunday.

It was excellent: stunning views great food, drinks, music and service! Highly recommended.

Some great pics below…. So lucky to have this gorgeous team 🙂 

Some hair tips for this time of the year

We usually remember to cover our skin with sun block, but don’t forget your hair too!  It also burns from the sun, wind, salt & chlorine. When spending time outside, please remember your hat. If you’re swimming apply a sun protector like Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-in. This is a spray, so it lasts for ages, but really protects the hair just – like sun block on the skin. Remember too, even when going for a walk, sitting outside, or hanging washing out – the sun hits our hair and scalp first!

Always shampoo ASAP after swimming in chlorine or the sea, as both dry your hair and can compromise your colour…and afterwards is also a good time to add a moisture treatment, as sun, wind, salt and chlorine really dehydrate your hair. When you’re next in the salon, if your hair is feeling dry or damaged, please ask about our deep massage treatments, they can be an excellent quick fix!

New Faces

We are fortunate to have 2 new team members Emma and Amber. You may have seen Amber as she was working Saturdays last year whilst she finished the school year. Emma has been in another salon for 6 months or so, but due to the salon closing has been our gain.

Our future looks bright with Emma (L), and Amber (R) joining Aymee as our emerging stylists.

It’s always great to share our news with you – thanks for reading 🙂

Kind regards