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Top Tips from our Pierrot’s Stylists

Top Tips from our Pierrot’s Stylists

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We asked our stylists to think of their best hair tips for your guys- and they have shared some pretty good ones!

Lets see what we have here…..

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to stop frizz-Julia


  • Braid your hair before bed for a nice natural wave in the morning-Mikayla


  • After blow drying your air, flip your hair upside down to blast it for extra volume- Julia


  • Brush your hair every morning for scalp stimulation- Abby – Check out our blog here about the importance of scalp health


  • Spray hairspray on a tissue and run over your hair to get rid of the flyaways- Amy


  • Don’t use elastic bands with metal on them as they cause more breakage to your hair-Julia


  • Wet hair before swimming with natural water to limit chlorine/salt water absorption- Suzanne


  • Comb hair while wet to reduce breakage- Matt


  • Roll wet hair hair into thick material head band before bed to get loose bouncy curls without heat-Sarah


  • Use a microfibre towel to scrunch dry curly hair for curls to hold their shape- Brigitte


  • Load up on treatments during winter as your hair can dry out very quickly- Kahli


  • Use a clip in fringe or ponytail from Showpony Hair Extensions to create a different look- Sheri (Come see Sheri at Mount Lawley or Rhiordan at Kalamunda for a complimentary extension consultation)


Brow Tips

  • Use brow powder to fill in brows for a more natural look


  • Using brow gel to make your brows last all day, this will help hold the shape and colour


  • Using a sharp angled brush and spooly allows to fill in all the shapes and gaps.

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