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Men on Trend

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The men’s stylish cuts are still on trend and we love it!

Styles has definitely been revamped and the stylists are using different barbering techniques now to get the desired fresh look.

Techniques such as fading, fake parting and undercuts are all on trend and are making our men look extremely stylish.


This technique has been around for a while now, but is definitely not slowing down anytime soon. A fade is a gradual blend from a longer length of hair down to a shorter length or skin fade, depending on how short you want to go. A fade is a very classic barber style that anyone can wear.

Barber Fade with A Long Textured Top :

This style is becoming a lot more popular for the more edgier men. Creating a part in the hair allows the bold style to shine through. It’s a great technique to use for men that don’t have a natural part. This look is on trend and very hipster.

Textured Messy Look:

The top and sides blend together and there is still a distinct length difference between the top and side layers. This creates a more  structured messy look. This look is extremely versatile, because it can be worn on either side, slicked back, or pushed up- like pictured here. This is a great look for unmanageable thick course hair.

Sarah from the Kalamunda salon and Kahli from Mount Lawley did a course with one of Australia’s top Barbers Lance Liufau earlier this year. Lance works at the The Loft Barbershop in Brisbane and provides education across Australia for interested stylists. Their techniques and skills are insane and our stylist have learnt so much from them!

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