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Top 5 Hairbrushes

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We have the dirt…..we have asked out stylists what the top hairbrushes to use on your hair, and here they are;

Aveda Paddle Brush

-stimulates blood flow to scalp
-Promotes hair growth and scalp stimulation
-Anti-static bristles
-Able to use on wet hair without causing breakage
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Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush

-Promotes scalp health
-Removes dead skin cells from scalp
-Works alongside the Pramasana treatment ran (see blog)
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Mason Pearson- Soft Bristle Brush

-Great for styling and smoothing hair
-Great for a glossy sheen to hair
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Denman Brush- Classic Styling Brush

-Good for blowdrying mid to short hair
-Creates no volume
-Good for directional blow drying with minimal effort
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Ceramic Brush- Silver Bullet Blue Series

-Smooth and sleek and stops frizz
-Great for volume
-Can create loose curls
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 DO NOT with brushes

-choose a brush that doesn’t have a rubber handle
-No plastic bristles because that causes breakage
-no aluminium or other metal brushes

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