Pierrot's Hair Studios

The secret to long luxurious lashes

We all know how amazing it is to have long luxurious lashes. We battle forever trying to find the perfect mascara or stick-on lashes to put on. Well, we have a solution for you! Lash Extensions!

These are our top 5 reasons as to why they are a fabulous idea in your new beauty regime.

  1. Saves time- skip mascara, skip eyeliner your new lash extensions are the perfect no fuss makeup look!
  2. Enhance your eyes and your look. Our stylist will suit you lashes to your face, and it will be a gorgeous addition to your look.
  3. Mascara issues- be gone! No smudging or clumping those things are in the past. Get up and go with this perfect accessory.
  4. Save money! With you using less product on your eyes.
  5. Lightweight & natural feel! Your beautiful lash extensions are so light on your natural lashes you won’t even know they are there.